Countryside with mill Sabandia

3:30 hours

Visit the typical neighborhood Paucarpata and pre-Inca terraces, road Landscape typical countryside of Arequipa and the famous Mill Sabandía seventeenth century (Watermill), Spa of Tingo, and the Founder's Mansion, Casona Colonial - type of museum founder of Arequipa (or visit to the most beautiful terraces and village of Yumina)

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Mummy Juanita

Visit to Museum of Andean Sanctuaries there is a special camera frozen the Lady of Ampato or Mummy Juanita extraordinarily preserved, the spot can see a video of how it was and where it was discovered and the rituals that were developed, The visit is guided At the end of the visit the move back to your hotel or restaurant, as appropriate

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Toro Muerto petroglyphs


DEAD BULL is located in the valley of Majes 170 km of Arequipa in the south Panamericana and grind detour near the town of Corire. 07:00 hrs. Departure by the Pan American Highway, 3 HS lies the valley of Majes, visit to the famous Toro Muerto petroglyphs (rock art) An area of ​​5 km2 of volcanic rocks scattered in desert terrain, engraved with anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, and others, with a length of more than 800 years, humanoid demonstrations, dancers with masks, animals like condors, snakes, fire, sun, moon, and many more, The ancient people have used techniques are scraped and hammered. En route we will see the friendly villages and Corire Aplao, valley and its huge crops of rice, beans and fruit, Punta Colorada along the Rio Majes define(Colca) you can taste the delicious Shrimp define(There are several typical restaurants). Return to Arequipa about the arrival 15-16 Hs.

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Pampa Cañahuas or Vicuña Reserve of Aguada Blanca

07:00 Hrs. Departure in the town of Yura, famous for its medicinal thermal baths, the pampa is located behind the Chachani, is characterized by the large number of vicunas, which owns the camel wool finest in the world and is found in the wild in small herds, also Andean vegetation as Tola, the Ccapo, the Yareta, cactus as Sancayo, etc., rear view of the Misti volcano.

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Arequipa considered the most beautiful colonial city in Peru, called the White City because most of the buildings are made of volcanic rock called sillar.

In this fertile and green dominated by the dormant volcano Misti valley, the Inca warriors decided to stay and build a city, centuries later, the Spanish colonizers settled in the same city, thus becoming the most important colonial times.

Arequipa has an altitude of 2,335 meters - 7,500 feet and is 1024 km by road south of Lima, its biggest attractions are: Colonial churches and mansions, the Convento de Santa Catalina, open to the public after centuries of cloistered religious life. dominate the city three volcanoes. Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu Another major attraction is the Colca Canyon known as one of the deepest in the world, where you can observe the majestic flight of condor.