Pato Canyon

Tour which begins its journey through the main road from the place called Molinopampa. It is in this place begins to form the famous Canyon del Pato, colossal court of 15 km. Extension about where the granite rocks of the Cordilleras Blanca and Negra approach is sometimes less than 11 meters, having been eroded by the tumultuous waters of the Santa River for thousands of years.

Pato Canyon is one of the great natural wonders of Peru, from the changing level of the river walls rise steeply up to one thousand meters. The hand of man has carved a cornice going through 39 tunnels to passing the road to the railway town of Huallanca.

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is 32 km. From Caraz and the most important reservoir of fresh water Huaylas, is located at the foot of snowy PARIA and is located 4.185 meters above sea level, with a maximum 76 meters from the water surface to the bottom, and is estimated at 55 million cubic meters its content.

It's a tourist place of conventional order which starts in the city of Caraz, following the Llullán Quebrada, Quebrada Paron river and then come to the stunning lagoon Paron, picturesque place with abundant flora and fauna natural, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, Caraz, Garcilaso, Pisco and Huandoy.

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located 30 km. From Huaraz, in a beautiful open at the foot of the majestic snowy valley Cup. They are hot springs with a temperature between 68 and 72 degrees C. The water is odorless and colorless, cloruro- sodium, bicarbonate and calcium.

They have bathrooms with many small lakes and vaporarium, a cave where gaps vapors are concentrated, reaching temperatures above 45 degrees. They come to Chancos, for treatment, suffering from inflammation airways, digestive tract, etc. It is customary to complete the thermal cure with drinks and inhalations improvised vaporarium or cave in.

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Located 3,060 meters above sea level, between the White and Black Mountain Range;. In the northern Andes region is a rich historical past, where the bases of the pre-Inca cultures were generated See. of the Chavin culture that flourished 1200 years before Christ, leaving numerous testimonies of their advanced knowledge.

The Cordillera Blanca is regarded as a paradise for winter sports, athletes from different countries of the world come to scale its high snow, being the highest, the Huascaran which is 6,768 meters above sea level .