Tour: Chiclayo Basic - 02 Days / 01 Nights


Day 1

Chiclayo - Tucume + Royal Tombs

Arriving in the city of Chiclayo, reception and transfer to hotel of choice.

13:00 hrs Departure to the north of Chiclayo, Tucume to visit, extensive archaeological complex at the foot of Mount Purgatory or Raya, where you can appreciate 25 pyramids. On this visit we will know the Temple Stakes, Mirador, Huaca Larga among others and the museum. Then we went to visit Elitar the new and modern Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, which has 10 showrooms, where you can see remains of the Moche elite who ruled ago 1.700 years and marks a milestone in the history of the country can see a large collection of gold, silver and copper Return to the hotel and rest.


Day 2

Huaca Rajada - Departure (B)

Breakfast in the hotel.

10:00 hrs We will go to the archaeological site of Huaca Rajada 35 km east of Chiclayo and 2km from the village of Sipan, where the pyramid, terrace and the Museum of royal personages and priests will find elite Moche (200-700 AD). In this place the intact tomb of an elite character (Moche 200 to 700 AD) was found by the sumptuousness of its ornaments and the high degree of its cultural technological development is considered the archaeological discovery more . Important century will visit the Site Museum and exploration excavations. A time transfer to the airport or bus station.

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